AI Training Data

AI Training Data

Satellite Data for AI Training

AI Training Data is a satellite imagery dataset offered by SI Imaging
Services for businesses and research institutions aiming to train AI projects.

In today's world, where AI solutions are rapidly emerging, it is crucial to train AI models with sufficient and suitable data.
However, collecting such data requires additional time and cost.

AI Training Data not only provides satellite imagery capturing the desired areas and locations but also includes patches containing targeted objects, thereby reducing the time and cost involved in AI training.

AI Training용 위성영상 데이터 이미지

Satellite Data for Al Training

  • Contents: 50 Scenes + Patches for 50 Scenes

    50 Scenes with the valid objects + Patches cut around the valid objects

  • Satellite: KOMPSAT-3, KOMPSAT-3A
  • Scene Condition:

    Minimum guarantees of valid objects in the Scene

    Satellite Scenes are limited to Archive data (Unable to set specific dates)

  • Patch Condition:

    Standard size: 1,024x1,024 pixel

    Patch size can be different according to the size of the object or the customer's request

    The number of Patch can be different according to the size of the object

  • File Format: TIFF, JPG
  • Estimated Timeline: Separate inquiries (Custom-made)
  • Order:

* This product is for Al Training only, other purposes are not allowed.

How to Order

  • 01

    Inquiry by Email

  • 02

    Select an object & Place an order

    Pre-send the object coordinates by Email when you have them

  • 03

    Verify validity

    Including estimated time, etc

  • 04

    Acquire valid scenes including the ordered objects

  • 05

    Data inspection by SIIS

  • 06

    Patch the scenes based on the objects

  • 07

    [Scenes+Patched] Delivery

    For AI Training Data

  • * All data will be provided by FTP.

Sample Patch