Satellite imagery helps you easily monitor the overall development status and progress of large-scale construction sites such as roads, bridges, highways, or city constructions. When satellite images are taken at night, the standard of living and economic scale of the country or region can be estimated from the lights of streetlights and buildings. If images of high-rise buildings under construction from the same angle are repeatedly collected at the same time, it is possible to calculate the height of the building, or check if it was completed on time.

Sample Imagery


Large-Scale Infrastructure Construction

KOMPSAT has been used to monitor construction progress by periodically observing various large-scale infrastructure construction sites in various countries. For example, it monitored the construction progress of the Canakkale Suspension Bridge in Turkey, known as the world's longest suspension bridge with a length of 3.6 km, and the breakwater in Basra, Iraq, which was registered as the longest breakwater in the world with a total length of 15.5km. In this way, by collecting images of large-scale bridges, roads, buildings, civil engineering, and other infrastructure facilities under construction from the same angle at the same time, you can calculate the size of the building, or easily check if the construction is completed on time.

Urban Change Detection

Naturally occurring cities grow in a way that adapts to the surrounding natural environment, resulting in a complex mix of irregular road networks and heterogeneous land uses. On the other hand, new town areas created according to urban planning have many formal and linear patterns as various facilities are arranged based on well-planned transportation networks and city divisions. These shapes and morphological features can be indirectly analyzed through the number and arrangement of pixels that make up a building or block in satellite imagery.

Economic and Urban Planning

With satellite images of a specific area taken at night, the standard of living and economic scale of the country or region can be estimated based on the lights of streets and buildings. It is also possible to calculate the income level of the area with imagery of parking lots at supermarkets and warehouses. In addition, it can be used for economic development planning and urban planning by identifying and predicting the undeveloped region through images taken of different adjacent areas at the same time, or areas that are far from the city center.